Tuesday, 18 June 2019

Allium christophii

Last Autumn I have bought two packets of Alliums, one of them being Allium christophii and the other one the giant Allium 'Ambassador'.

They all (ten bulbs) grew up into this lovely balls!

I love this unusual star-like flowers.

Tuesday, 11 June 2019

Garden in June

Thursday, 9 May 2019


I bought some annuals and perennials for the containers in the local market in the morning. I am still waiting for the rain to stop so, I can plant them. As it seems, this will be done tomorrow.

However, it is ideal weather for ferns and Hostas that grow quickly.

This is a new Hosta, the one I planted in Autumn last year. I am very pleased with the size of it. 

I also planted seven new Peonies at the same time. They are all looking good, have several shoots with the flower bud on the top. They would probably bloom by now, but, the temperature drop slowed down the vegetation. 

I cannot wait to see the very first flowers...

Monday, 25 March 2019

Gardening at Last!

It was, finally, sunny today, and the temperature rose to 15°C (short sleeves, of course!). I could hardly wait to go out and do some gardening work. Having a big garden, I need to have a methodical approach to the garden work. I usually do the work in circles, starting with the front garden. So, I did it today.

I raked the lawn very ruthlessly! There was lots of thatch to remove and leaves brought up by the wind. I dug up the soil around the roses and cut some dead and dry shoots on them as well. I also did some weeding around the magnolia shrubs and found this little fellow on the photos above. Thank God, I haven't injured him with the hoe. The frog was very calm, probably too cold to jump around. I am very happy when I find the amphibians in my garden. All amphibians are under protection here in Croatia.
This is Agile frog, Rana dalmatina.

Range map of  Rana dalmatina

By Osado - Own work, Public Domain,