Friday, 18 June 2010

Hypertufa planters

I use to make these planters of hypertufa, an artificial material that looks like a natural stone. Everybody has it's own hypertufa recipe; I use peat moss, Portland cement and sand in 1:1:1 ratio. Vermiculite or perlite can be added too. The ingredients are then mixed with water. Make sure to wear gloves. Add water bit by bit, squeeze the mass through your fingers, turn and mix until you get not to runny mixture to build up around a plastic mould.

Use different plastic moulds to make the planters on the pictures e.g. empty margarine or ice cream containers. Firstly,  form the bottom, then put the mould in the middle and build the hypertufa mixture around it. It is not necessary to look neat. If it is rough it will look more naturally. You can incorporate a nice piece of stone in the planter or make handles.
Do not make lots of hypertufa at once. The next day (usually after 24 hours), when the planters are firm but still workable, you have to scratch them with a nail an brush with a steel brush. If you have made too many planters you may not have time to work them out. Let them dry completely (usually two weeks in summer). The water hole can be made immediately or you can drill one later when the planter is dry.

Plant them with Sempervivums, Sedums, Thymus coccineus and similar plants.

This bird bath is also made of hypertufa.


  1. Hi,
    samo da ti javim da feed na moj dashboard ne radi s tvoje stranice. Svi ostali feedovi su mi ok. Da si eventualno provjeriš postavke?
    Veggie garden ti je super!
    Jel zaista one žute ploče sprječavaju uši na mahunama?

  2. Na žute se ploče nalijepi svašta! Stavila sam ih i među ruže. Ipak , ruže još dodatno prskam jer je ova kiša nemoguća - gljivice, uši...
    Pogledati ću što je s postavkama...

  3. I love your hypertufa! Your pieces are so unique and fun! I`d also like to know what your recipe is. I`ve only been making things for a couple of months but am pretty excited by the limitless things you can make! Just made a bird bath using four rhubarb leaves. Connie (Thunder Bay, ON, Canada)

    1. Hello Connie, my recipe is really simple: I mix equal part of peat moss, sand and so called Portland cement - it is white. Mix it all well and slowly add water until you get a compact mass to build on. That is all.


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