Thursday, 17 June 2010

In the vegetable garden

I planted bush cherry tomatoes in the pot. Like all tomatoes they are doing well in a sunny spot of the garden.

Kohlrabi is ready to harvest before it becomes woody. Tomato and other vegetable beds are mulched with grass clippings. It is a very good practice; it retains moisture on the beds, suppresses the weed growth and there is also no need to hoe the ground constantly.
Tomatoes are well and healthy. Besides the mulch on the ground I planted marigolds (Tagetes) all around it. They will protect tomatoes from pests. These metal stakes are last year purchase - a good investment. They are galvanized and about 1.8 m high. They are also not strait but spiral so I can twine the stems around them as they grow.
Runner beans are growing very slowly due the heavy rain at the end of May. It was raining for almost 12 days and the temperature was unusually low for this period of year. After the rain it was hot again. I thought they will not recover at all but they did. Though, the rain and heath that followed destroyed okra seedlings. Pity!
Yellow sticky plates keep the pests off.

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