Tuesday, 22 June 2010

My Peonies

Some of the peonies in my garden are already planted by my grandmother. It seems they are really long living plants and they love the soil and climate conditions in my garden. I have several herbaceous peonies and two tree peonies as well. I usually spread the range of species in my garden in autumn. It is the best time to plant them.
Peony should not be planted too deep. It may cause the bushy growth but lack of flowers. They need deep, fertile, humus-rich soil positioned in full sun or bright shade.
They may be propagated from seed which takes years to grow up a flowering plant or by division. Since they do not like to be disturbed, I rather leave them alone and buy new plants.

Peonies in my garden flower from late April until the beginning of June. Some of them need support because they have a long stems with many large flowers. For smaller cultivars I use green wire that I put all around the bush. As the bush grows the foliage covers the wire. Bamboo stalks are used for bigger plants and I usually use one for each of the stem. As fertilizer, I use compost as a mulch.

Paeonia 'Pink Hawaiian Coral' is last year purchase. It had only two flowers this year but the colour is gorgeous. Each flower has flowered about seven to ten days. It is an hybrid herbaceous paeony.

Paeonia 'Rubra Plena'

Paeonia 'Festiva Maxima' had about 80 flower buds this year! The central flowers are really large, the rest of them somewhat smaller. The flowers are white with crimson marks at their basis. I simply adore it.

The one of my tree peonies. I do not know the name. It is the first to flower in a year, this photo is taken at the end of April. It produces a lots of large pink flowers an it is always full of beetles.

Another tree paeony P. delavayi, has small dark red flowers. It is a robust bush and I need to move it away from the place it is now. I suppose it looks the best as solitary bush.

I have also Paeonia chinesis 'Alba' and Paeonia 'Rosea Plena'.
I buy my Paeonies at Decora nursery.

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