Saturday, 12 June 2010

Rose "Baron Girod de I'Ain"

After the heavy rains at the end of May, my roses started to rot in buds. Many of them dried out and did not open at all.
This beauty on the picture rose 'Baron Girod de I'Ain'  (also known as Royal Mondain) has flowered before the rain. It is now making new buds again. This is a hybrid perpetual, which means it flowers several times during the season.

It is an unusual rose with dark red flowers and white piping around the petals.
It is a bushy rose that can be up to 1.2.m high. The flowers are scented.
I really love it. I grow it on a wooden espalier. It was really beautiful last year and it is one of my favourites.
Like almost all roses in my garden this one came from the nursery VIRAG ROSES.
They have a very good stock and grow almost all groups of roses.
Faded flowers need to be cut off. Soon the new shoots and flowers forms and flower again.
I am a fan of these old roses and on the same espalier along the garden fence there are 'Fantin Latour', 'Jacques Cartier' i 'Mme Isaak Periere' too.

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  1. Prekrasna ruža, posadila sam ju prije koju godinu, od istog uzgajivača.


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