Friday, 9 July 2010

Charming planters

Wooden wheelbarrow add a nice touch to the patio.

This ancient iron is a gift from a friend. I do not know how old it is or whom it once belonged to. As you may have noticed, it has a David star carved on it's lid. Sedums and Sempervivums are good plants choice for such planter.

The same plants are planted in this terracotta roof tile.

Ipomena batata, Perlagonium peltatum and Perlagonium sp. in a willow basket.


  1. Your planters are very nice. Some of mine are a bit stressed due to this heat wave.

  2. Baš mi se sviđaju! Stvarno si se potrudila. Kod mene prolazi samo ono cvijeće koje ne treba zalijevati. Kako sam na vrtu samo vikendom, nema šanse se stignem i ovime baviti. Ali uvjek me impresiraju takve stvari.


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