Sunday, 25 July 2010

Furniture make over

I love old things and keep in search of them. My friends know for it and bring me the thing they do not need anymore. So I came in possession of tables and chairs, chests, boxes, pots, cups and so on.
Firstly, I painte the things with an oil based paint. Sometimes I use acrylic paint and a special varnish that make the paint to crack and give the things an ancient look.
Secondly, I decorate the things with motives cut from paper towels. The technique is really uncomplicated and all you need is a little bit of time and patience.
So, this is how I did the chairs and other things.

1. Wash and dry the chair you want to decorate. If you need to repaint it do that.
2. Material you need: paper towels (serviettes) with floral or some other motives you like, special decoupage paper glue, scissors, brushes. There are special hobby shops where you can buy everything you need for this technique. I buy material in CHEMACO.
3. The motives look better if the thing you do is painted in the same colour as the paper towel background. This way the motive will blend with it and look as if you have painted it by hand. I usually tear the motives from the paper towels, don't cut them with the scissors. The serviettes usually have more layers and you need the top one with the printed motive. Take it carefully off.
4. Place the motive on the surface of the chair. Take some of the glue with a smooth brush and start smearing the glue from the middle of the motive towards the edges.
5. Let it dry completely. There is no need to use other varnish to protect the motive. This glue makes a firm, varnish-like film over it and seals it completely. It can be gently washed too.

A chair...

... and used tin cans.

Wooden box

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