Monday, 19 July 2010


Ivy (Hedera sp.) is a very popular plant and it can be used for many purposes. It is really easy to grow and it comes in a variety of differently shaped foliage that may be single coloured or variegated. It is a plant form the family Araliaceae, woody and evergreen. Being evergreen makes it an excellent screen plant. I have planted several varieties on the fence between my and neighbouring garden.

Ivy on the fence.

Ivy is a vigorous climber that happily climbs the trees and walls, but it can be used as a trailing plant for containers and hanging baskets.
Ivy is happy in bright indirect light or part shade and moist soil.

I use variegated ivy as a ground cover to lighten up a dark shady corner.

This one has deeply lobed pale green leaves.

This one (probably Hedera colchica) came from island of Hvar as cutting. I have it on the fence as well as ground cover. It has really big leaves.

This one climbs happily the house.

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