Thursday, 15 July 2010

Roses I

I have about thirty different roses in my garden. Some of them, like this 'Don Juan' climbing the trelly, are really old. This rose is grown from a hard wood cutting some 25 years ago.

'Don Juan' is a wonderful climber with large velvety and scented flowers.

I use to buy my roses in Virag rose nursery in Novo Selo Podravsko. They have a very good plants with three good shoots and three roots. They sell plants bare roots in autumn. It is the best time to plant the roses really, each one of them grows happily in my garden.
One of my favourite is 'Double Delight'. The flowers change colour as they slowly fade away.

'Double Delight' (hybrid tea rose)

'Double delight' the next day...

'Imperatrice Farah' bears large flowers on long stems (hybrid tea rose).

Floribunda roses (also polyantha) bear clusters of flowers that bloom perpetually during summer and autumn.

'Lavaglut' (polyantha)

I am very fond of old roses among which are alba, gallica, centifolia and damasc roses. One of my favourite old rose is hybrid perpetual rose 'Baron Girod de I'Ain.

'Baron Girod de I'Ain'

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  1. I had always been taught that climbers like Don Juan would only produce if the main canes were less than 45 degrees from horizontal, but it looks like your are nearly vertical. Id that correct?


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