Tuesday, 27 July 2010


Isn't it wonderful to go down in the vegetable garden and pick up all you need for a good lunch or dinner?
Tomatoes have always been one of my favourite crop and, they are doing pretty well in my garden.
So far, I have never sown tomato seeds in late winter in house. But, I am going to do that the next year. I would like to try some new tomato hybrids like so called "black" tomato 'Black Cherry' and I will order some seeds from Thompson & Morgan . Actually, I will order some more vegetable seed for the next season because I cannot find it here in Croatia.

The three kinds of cherry tomatoes.

Cherry tomatoes are good for salads and pizza and I have them planted in large pots. I have three kinds of cherry tomatoes this year, one of them being yellow.

I usually buy young plants on the market. Some of my friend saw the seeds directly on spot but since we live in the continental climate we cannot sow or plant the vegetable garden before end of April. If we sow the tomatoes in April we cannot get early crop. I usually make sure to buy young plants of early and late varieties to have the crop throughout the season.
I bought spiral metal supporters last year so, they will last for years. I usually plant two young plants together and then twist them around the supporter as they grow. When they reach the top of the supporter I cut of the tip of the stem.

I mulched tomato plot with grass clippings when the soil became warm and planted Tagetes around it. Mulch keeps the moisture and suppresses the weeds. Tagetes keeps the pests away. Mulch also prevents the soil born diseases from splashing up on the plants. The first bottom leaves are the first to catch the fungus and I remove them if I notice them turning yellow. 

Water them well and pinch off the suckers that develop between two branches. They do not bear fruit and only take energy away from plant.

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