Friday, 23 July 2010

Wildlife in the garden, part II


Birds are certainly lovely creatures and useful too. My garden is really full of birds. Sparrows, tits, eurasian nuthatches and black birds are regular inhabitants. But I have visitors like craw (snitching my walnuts!!), robin, lark, jay, song thrush and some other I did not identify yet.

Great tit (Parus major)

I do not feed them except in winter leaving some dry bread slices or seeds on the window sill. If you want birds in your garden plant the shrubs with berries like Pyracantha or Cotoneaster. Sometimes they eat the buds of Wistaria in spring! They will also come for various seeds, but they eat pest insects and worms too.

I made two bird baths of hypertufa and placed them in the borders. They love to take bath in it splashing all the water out!
Make sure to place the bird bath high enough so the cats cannot reach it!

Blue tit (Cyanistes caeruleus)  is a valuable destroyer of pests though not entirely a beneficial species. It may destroy the buds in search for insects, but no species eats so many coccids , aphids and  leaf miner grubs.

Recently I discover the bird nest in the shrub. Do not know whom it belongs to.

Blackbirds always follow me when I mow the lawn. The worms disturbed by the mower vibration come out of the ground and the black birds collect them!

Strange thing often happens - the birds crush against the window! I guess they see the reflection of the trees on the window glass and cannot tell the difference between the real tree and the image on the glass. Small birds survive, but once the jay broke the neck striking the window glass! I was so sorry...


  1. Those birds are so cute. I have a lot of goldfinches here.

  2. We have a lot of birds here, but I was never good in identifying any of them. We have one that is particularly interesting, it has yellow belly, and it’s bigger than sparrow, maybe twice the size. I see it flying around a lot and that is how I noticed the yellow belly.


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