Wednesday, 18 August 2010

Groomsbridge Place

Anyone for a game of chess?

Five years ago I did my horticultural internship at Royal Botanical Garden Kew in England. It was a wonderful experience. I spent three unforgettable months living in London -Kew and working in one of the famous botanical gardens of the world.
Each weekend I spent touring London (on foot!) or taking the trip to one of the beautiful gardens of England.
Visiting other gardens was also a part of my internship so, one day the whole Amenity Unit (where I was placed) payed the visit to Groomsbridge Place.

Shade garden

Groomsbridge Place gardens are laid out in 17th century, designed as 'outside rooms' of the house. The White Rose Garden was once the orchard. There are still some old apple trees growing in it. The rose garden is planted with all shades of white flowers and over twenty varieties of white roses.

The White Rose Garden

One of the garden corners.

The Knot Garden

The Knot gardens is designed as formal garden. The beds are edged with trimmed box hedge and planted with blue and yellow flowers.

Hazel shrubs and natural planting in the flower beds.

One of the white busts placed in a cut-in windows of a tall yew hedge.
(take a look at the first picture, it is right behind me)

This boat is slowly floating through the channel leading to the Enchanted Forest. It is a woodland area belonging to the estate. The Enchanted Forest is overlooking Groomsbridge Place and it is full of surprises designed to amuse and entertain. You can find the swings attached to the old oaks, a wigwam, dragons and dinosaurs or small caged animals like rabbits. The walk goes out of the woods through the vineyard and back to the gardens. It was an unforgettable day out.


  1. Meni je bila velika želja da posjetim Kew Gardens kad sam bila u Londonu, ali nisam imala vremena.

  2. Nemoguće je vidjeti sve čak ako odeš na čitav dan jer su na 133 hektara! Meni je to bilo nezaboravno iskustvo. Svakako ih posjeti kad opet odeš u London.


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