Monday, 9 August 2010

Mother Nature at Work

A sunset in the forest.

Ever since my childhood I was a great nature lover. I has been fascinated me all my life. I have spent lots of time walking through the fields and meadows, picking up mushrooms in the forests or taking a bath in our still clear and unpolluted river.
The first woods are not far away from my house. I guess, that is the one of the reasons I like to live in a small town. The life here is slow and easy. You do not have to spend hours to keep up with the daily routine. Everything is quite near: shops, work, etc. And you have plenty of time for hobbies, garden, sports or whatever you like.
When I walk in the nature, I walk soft and watch carefully. There is a lot to learn from the world that surrounds us. Just take a look on the picture below and see how nature uses contrasting colours in planting a moist field!

Solidago serotina and Lithrum salicaria (both of them have their garden cultivars).

Or, that is what I call planting "en mass" for the big effect, a field of  Petasites hybridus on the river bank.

Petasites hybridus

In planing a flower border, form and shape is also important. These Dipsacus flower heads look beautiful even in winter covered with snow.

Dipsacus fullonum

A fan shaped branches and berries of Cotoneaster horizontalis. The plant is excellent on slopes because of the horizontal branching. Again, we have contrasting green colour of the leaves and red colour of the berries here. The leaves will turn red in autumn.

Cotoneaster horizontalis

I do not wander why many of us love to recreate this natural look in our gardens. Maybe it is not so hard as it seems at the first glance. Just take a walk around and memorize what you see, what kind of plants grow together, see their shapes and colours and try to transfer it in the garden. This way it might look less artificial.


  1. What gorgeous photos!
    The Dipsacus fullonum picture reminds me of Eryngium I have in my garden.

  2. Beautiful photos....I really enjoy reading your blog.

  3. Stunning photos of our natural world! I particularly love the sunset in the forest but they are all great. Thanks for your visit to flowerhill. ;>)


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