Saturday, 4 September 2010

Another beautiful garden

Garden entrance.

Mr. Aldo lives in town of Pazin, Istria. He spends his days of retirement cultivating his interesting garden that surrounds his house. The garden is placed on a rather steep slope with a gravel path winding from the top to the bottom of it.
Mr. Aldo has green hands and, in spite of being an amateur gardener, has much success in shaping small trees that look almost like bonsai trees. You can see them on the pictures.

One of the shaped trees.

The present soil and site conditions are used to it's most. Since there is lots of lime stones in the soil he made gravel garden with low growing perennials and small trees.

When you make the turn on the path, you can see a sea of Festuca glauca and Festuca scoparia.

I was there in spring, when Magnolias, Prunus and Chaenomeles were in full bloom.

Hemerocallises and Festucas.

A terrace besides the house.


  1. Oh. This place is heaven for me! The garden and the place itself looks really amazing! I would love to stay her long if I have the time! This place looks really dreamy and relaxing! The grass, the plants and the flowers looks really great! Thanks for sharing these photos!

  2. I am totally agreed with Rose Dipped! It really looks likes heaven. His garden is really the perfect one for all that I’ve seen. I love those Hemerocallises and Festucas. They are in a great condition and position in your garden. The terrace besides your house is so relaxing to look at. I am aiming to have a garden like yours.


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