Tuesday, 14 September 2010

Kitchen/Dining room remake 1


My small kitchen is divided from the dining room by the brick arch and a counter. It was painted white before and decorated with blue details like spice shelves, fridge, curtains and so on.
As I like changes and am pretty much "do-it-yourself" woman, I decided to re-make my kitchen and the dining room. Firstly, I made the kitchen. I have painted the wall violet because I love colours around me.

...and after.

I have started with the ceiling painting it white. That was the quick and easy part of the job. The hardest part was to paint all the edging lines by using the brush (free hand!) and not to go over the ceiling line. Down line was easier to make because I simply washed the paint off the tiles when I went over them. Anyway, making lines took most of the painting time. Painting the walls with a roller was really quick and easy.

My spice shelves were blue before but I repainted them in ivory. I could paint them in one of the shades of violet but I wanted them to be more visible on the wall. I used oil paint for wood and metal. It needs 24 to 40 hours to dry out completely.

These two hangers fit well into my new plum-violet kitchen; one in contrasting green and the other in matching shades of the wall colour.


Washing and tiding up took me another four hours because I moved the furniture and washed the tiles behind and underneath it. And all that little things we have in the kitchen... every single one of them met the sponge and soap and water!

The next - dining room; just need to buy all of the material needed.


  1. You are a great painter. My kitchen really needs some color too. I can't wait to see what you do with your diningroom :-)

  2. Thanks, Noelle! My dining room is yellow now but I plan to paint it green to contrast the violet kitchen. Been waiting for the wall paper borders from USA!


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