Tuesday, 7 September 2010

New Hosta Garden, part 2

Almost done!

The rain and cold weather prevented me to finish my project in time I have planned, but it is almost done.
To finish the "hard wear" I dug in brick paths that lead to and away from the brick paving. I filled in the spaces between the brick with earth to the half and poured the water on it. I left the it to settle. It is only needed to finish the paving by filling in the spaces between the bricks with dry mixture of cement and sand. I will pour water over it, wait to settle and fill again where needed. To finish, I have to brush the bricks.
 and wash it all with water.
After having finished the brick paving and paths, I started to prepare the ground. I worked today under the drizzling rain! Not very smart regarding the health but I am a tough creature and, obviously, strong headed. I just had to finish it today no matter what! Don't have to tell you, the sun came out once I finished it!!!

Clearing the ground.

Firstly, I removed all the grass and weeds. It is very important to remove all the roots you find, especially of  persistent weeds like ground elder, dandelion or bindweed. Even from the smallest part of their roots new plants will develop.
Then I worked the ground up to 30 cm deep using spade and fork. The soil seemed rather good because nothing was planted here for years. Anyway, I dug in plenty of compost, some pelleted organic fertiliser (manure), and leaf mould I found in the park!

Digging and weeding is a hard work but essential to have less work to do after.

A catch of the day - an old hollow tree trunk. Some old trees in the town alley were pulled down and I got this one. I have put it under the hazel bush. I will probably plant some ferns in it.

 It seems like rain again at the moment. My plants are coming tomorrow, I hope I will be able to do the planting.

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  1. You have done a lot of work today and completed it as well. The new plants will certainly brighten up the garden as well as the gardener.


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