Thursday, 16 September 2010

September Jobs

Dead head, tidy and cut back perennials.
Watch for slugs and snails on rainy days.
Prune shrubs.
Cut all dead, twisted or dying branches.

It is still not too late to prune Wistaria.
Cut down to four buds.
Divide or move herbaceous perennials. I did it to my Hostas.
They still have time to establish before winter.
Buy and plant new spring flowering bulbs.
You can plant them until first frosts.

Rake the leaves off the lawn regularly. Compost them separately or put them in plastic bags with small holes to get leaf mould in spring.

Take care of the lawn. Aerate, scarify to remove the thatch (moss, dead grass) and top dress.
Clip hedges, including Buxus, Ligustrum, and Prunus laurocerasus.
Compost the clippings.

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  1. Hi Kalipso, Nice photo of the pollens and bee. Good idea to come up with a list like that. I must get my list up too. :)


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