Wednesday, 6 October 2010

Before and After

The rain is drizzling outside and the temperature dropped to 12°C so, I turned the heating on for the first time this autumn. I spent the afternoon browsing through my garden photo albums and discovered amazing things.
You have to know a few facts about my garden before you see these "before and after" photographs. During the war operations in Croatia (1991 -1995), I had to leave my home. I came back ten months later; the war was not over but the area I live was liberated. The house was burnt down and there was a jungle around it.
Some older photographs are scanned analog photo's so, please, don't mind the quality of them.


I used old bricks to make paths and this central circle in 2003. I recycled the brick from the old grandma's house wall. After pulling the old house down, my father left this wall to serve as the fence towards the neighbouring plot. I finally pulled the wall down to make a new fence and I used almost all the bricks from the 23 m long and 1.7 m high wall. 

 My mum and my niece helped pulling down the old wall.

The new fence in 2004. --------->
The fence today; ivy and hydrangeas.

 I really have no idea how many of them were in that wall but, they are all around my garden laid as paths, edges, patios... Not sure I would be so enthusiastic to do the same again! 

The vegetable garden is 18 x 6 m, and there are 8 of such vegetable beds.

Vegetable garden in 2004...

... and 2006.

... and 2009 (centre).


South border is placed along the neighbouring yard and garden. My neighbour's old house is pulled down this spring and the new one is built.


... in 2005.

... in 2006.

Isn't it amazing how we are able to transform the wasteland and create something nice? And, I do not mean only me but all of us.


  1. Oh the work that must have gone into digging and placing all those bricks. Very impressive, and what a beautiful transformation!

  2. lots of hard work but very rewarding seeing how it looks now, beautiful,

  3. You certainly did a beautiful job! I can't imagine how you felt when you came back to your home during the war.

  4. Such a beautiful garden. All your hard work has paid off with wonderful vegetables and flowers. I love the brick wall with all the beautiful flowers. Tiger lily is one of my favorite flowers. I have a difficult time keeping the gophers from eating the few I have planted. You are very lucky to have them.

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  6. I meant to add: The brick has provided you with wonderful pathways. I love that you recycled them for this use.

  7. The war is forgotten, I live for the nice things in life. I am an optimist. I guess, making this garden was a good therapy against depression and self-pity that catch many people who suffered in the war.
    As for myself, creation is always over destruction. Though, we have to destroy a few things to create new. Hard work - I enjoyed every step of the way!

  8. Kalipso, I love your attitude, you are very blessed to have such a wonderful outlook on life. And your garden is so beautiful! The bricks add such a unique element. I'll visit again.

  9. It is the thing I love best about my job - creating something from nothing.
    Your border looks beautiful! You've done a great job!

  10. Thanks, Ross. The critic, be it good or bad,especially from a professional like yourself, are always appreciated.

  11. What beautiful gardens!!! Great blog! Good luck getting rid of the fungus... :0)

  12. I just reread this post... I LOVE that you've created something peaceful and enriching out of such a difficult situation. It takes an amazing person to be able to do that!!! :0) Happy gardening!!! I'm looking forward to more posts from Croatia!!!


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