Friday, 1 October 2010

The Game

Well, checking the recent comments on my blog, I realised I was invited to play a game. It isn't quite a game, it is more like sharing a few things about myself. To be precise, it is sharing ten things I like the most. If I have understood it correctly, I have to write these things telling you a bit more about myself and, I have to invite ten people to do the same.
Who has invited me? ONENEZZ , that is the link to her post and more about this game.

Ten Things I Love List

1. Gardening
The place number one will probably remain the same for the whole of my life. I just love to get hands dirty. Working in the garden is pure zen to me - nothing relax more like work without pressure and rush, out in the fresh air. Seeing fruits of labour is really satisfying and good for the soul.

2. Cooking 
My favourite Christmas cookies... paprenjaci (Pepper Cookies)

Croatian readers may check my site on Coolinarika. We have to eat so, why not eat good? My kitchen is cosy and furnished in country style. I love to cook in old fashioned way so, no micro and high tech machines. Recently, I did a complete remake of my kitchen and dining room, just check out my posts if you are interested in it. I love to bake cakes and cookies.
3. Blogging
Recently, I have started my two blogs (Busy Bee and Flora Croatica), and I enjoyed them completely. It takes some time, but everything can be done - it is a matter of organization. It is not all about writing and telling you what I do, it is also reading other interesting blogs and getting to know all of you nice people all around the world who read my blog and share the same passion.

4. Reading the books
I have a pretty big library at home and love to read. The best: reading in the bed before sleep. The books I am reading at the moment: 'The Thirteenth Tale' by Diane Setterfield, 'The Gargoyle' by Andrew Davidson.

5. Hiking/walking in the nature
6. Swimming
My favourite sport. I feel like a fish in the water!
7. Mushroom picking
Mushrooms are one of my passions, not only from the culinary point of view! I am making record of the mushrooms growing in the area I live. Mushroom hunt is related to my love for walking in the nature.

8. Crafts and painting
Making different things of wood, hypertufa, paper, cardboard, painting the pictures, furniture, decorating different kinds of objects...
This is an old flower pot in a new maritime "coat".

9. Taking photographs
Themes are mostly nature and people, landscape, rarely something pre-scened.
10. Chatting with my friends.
In the garden or coffee house, with a mug of coffee in our hands.

Well, I am new to the Blogger and I am going to invite just a few friends to do the same... It is not obligate, only if you wish to do this.

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  1. Hi Kalipso, Thank you for sharing. It is interesting to see that most of us have similar hobbies. Of course. I often find mushrooms around my place. Sometimes they are as big as my palm. I find them interesting but have no knowledge as to which are edible and which are not. Interesting craft you upgraded from a flower pot!


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