Friday, 1 October 2010

Giant Puffball

Being crazy about mushrooms of all kinds, not only the one with a culinary value, I often to go to the woods and forest to pick them up and take photographs as a record of the species and time they appear.
Yesterday afternoon I went to the nearby forest. I was not much surprised by the quantity of species that I have found. The weather is ideal for them. I found Giant Puffball that does not appear often so, the joy of founding it was even bigger. Take a look!

Calvatia gigantea, The Giant Puffball

It was a bit damaged by falling apples! I have found once seventeen balls in the grass; they looked surreal, as if they had landed from the space. This one was bigger than a basketball. They can be pretty big, and weight up to 14 kg!
It is edible while young, that is - until it is white inside. I use to prepare it the same way as Vienna stake. Just make slices (stake-like), salt them, then dip into flour, eggs and breadcrumbs and fry until brown.

Some more of yesterday's findings...


  1. Interesting post. I like mushrooms. Every now and then, we have giant puffballs. How can I be sure they are edible? Are there puffballs look alike that are poisonous?

  2. No other puffball is as big as this one, and this one is edible. I eat it.


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