Saturday, 2 October 2010

Kitchen/Dining Room Remake, part 2


The dining room remake took the whole week time to finish it. It was really complete make over - floor, walls, furniture... There is, as always, lots of preparations like removing all the things from the cabinets, taking the the furniture out, scraping down old wallpapers etc.
Previous kitchen was yellow and blue, and I wanted to change the colour in green. I also wanted another floor material instead of existing ceramic tiles. I chose the panels that look like wood. They are thin enough so we did not have to remove tiles before. Setting the floor panels is really easy today, this "click system" is wonderful because no paste/glue is needed. The worker I hired for the job set it in about six hours. It looks wonderful. I guess it will be warmer in winter.

It was easy with the walls; took me a few hours to paint the ceiling white and the walls pale green. I used brush to paint the edges first then painted the walls with the roller.
I pasted the wallpapers the next day. I wanted to keep the wallpapers that cover only the half of the wall height, so I purchased the border named "French Country"  from USA  Discount-Wall-covering - quick and easy to buy on-line! I cannot tell you how happy I was when I got the mail of confirmation that my package was shipped!

The border 'French Country'
Painting the furniture was a little bit more complicate though, I have lots of experience. It is not really so hard, but needs time and patience. I used oil-based wood paint. It is dry in about 24 hours, but I leave it for another day to make sure it is not sticky.
I have painted this buffet on site. Being made of full wood, it is very heavy. I purchased it some fifteen years ago in some old furniture shop for only 500 kunas or 100 dollars! I love old furniture.
The colour shade is mixed in the shop with computerised dosage machine - you can get hundreds of shades and exactly the one you like.
I used ready made paint without adding any diluent, it covered the old paint really good and was easy to smear.

Painting the cabinets was more work because I used another paint for panels inside.


And, to finish, all the dishes, plates, little figures, pictures, curtains and other things were washed and put back on place. Here, there is the final result...   
These two are a gift from my cousin.

A few details for the country look; just picked up from the garden...

Well, I did not paint all the white lines on the buffet yet...


  1. Tako je slatko! Stvarno mi se dopada. Puno je topline i vidi se da imas oko za sitnice tj. puno je detalja koji su prostoriji dali novi sjaj.

  2. Your country style kitchen looks charming! I love the colors. And, I am impressed by the dahlias you grow!

  3. I love your makeover! Such peaceful colors. What fun you've had!


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