Saturday, 9 October 2010

New Hosta Garden, part 3

                                                       The plants came a month ago.

The final planting prolonged because of the bad rainy weather. I use to make border rearrangements and new planting in late summer to allow plants to take roots before winter. It can be done in spring too but, I prefer autumn planting. This way the plants are well settled on the new place and not disturbed before starting the new season.
I always allow enough place for the plants because soon they will grow up to full size or maybe even more. It is not bad idea to actually measure the distance between the plants. It looks a bit empty only in the first season, but soon, the border starts to fill in depending on how quickly the individual plant grows. I have lots of mature plants and have to be extra careful to place them far enough from each other.
I divided some hostas to produce more plants and cut some to size. Some of them were really enormous and, I am not exaggerating!

Divide large clumps of plants.

After planting and giving plants a good portion of water (in spite of the rain and moisture - the water will make the soil settle and close large air pockets around the roots), I mulched the ground with the leaf mould. Mulch will keep the ground safe from freezing during the winter.

Mulch I collected in the park: wood and leaf mould.

The old, hollow tree trunk has found its place in my new "Hosta Garden". And, for the full display, we all have to wait for the next season! Just six months to go!!


  1. Good luck with your hosta garden Vesna. Are you dividing hostas right now?

  2. Catharine, you can divide all perennials now or in Spring. The climate where I live allows it, They will still have time to establish.
    I plant roses, for example round 1st of November.


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