Sunday, 17 October 2010

Sweet Fantasies of Mrs. Rozalija Kurjaković

Mrs. Rozalija Kurjaković has been baking cakes for years. She can make whatever you want - a violin, a heart, football ground, flower, house, vehicles of all kinds... But, some years ago, she took a "Bakery and Cake Deco Course" in Italy where she learnt how to make sugar decorations for cakes. She presented her work today in our local culture centre. And here, there are some of her sweet fantasies.

A shell with a pearl.

Woman's head decoration called 'poculica' is a part of national costume. This is its sweet replica.


Roses and ribbons.

A bouquet.

Sugar sculpture.


A mug coated in sugar.

A bowl of fruit.

And, yes all of that is made of sugar!
See her blog for more!


  1. What a talent! I'm so glad to have found your blog. I'll be featuring it in my sidebar for the coming week - I hope it brings you lots of new readers. :)


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