Wednesday, 17 November 2010

Around the Garden Shed

The weather was beautiful last weekend, warm and sunny. The air temperature was 20°C and many creatures crawled out, including me! I painted green some old shelves and cabinets for my garden shed. I also made the pavement in front of the shed wider. Again, I used old brick for the purpose.

The primroses bloom...

The garden was full of insects - flies, bees, even butterflies. Chrysanthemums came a bit late to bloom but, luckily, there is no frost.

The weather changed over night - now it is raining and the air temperature dropped to 10°C. Still, it did not stopped me from working inside the garden shed. Firstly, I attached the insect hotel on the front side of the shed.

 Then I placed the shelves against the wall. As they are only 15 cm wide I nailed them to the walls in order not to tun over. The shelves are made from the old cabinets sewn in half and painted green. The paint was completely dry within 24 hours.

Used tin cans and flower pots will serve as storage for diverse things. I decorated them using decoupage technique. As you can see I do lots of recycling but, I really don't see the reason to buy new shelves or paving slabs.

There is plenty of place on the other side to hang the things. There will be also shelves for flower pots. 

There is a storage under the roof too.

I think I have a small table somewhere on the attic (now I am happy to have kept some things) - it definitely goes down in the shed. Of course, after my remake.
The only bad thing in autumn is early night! And, I have no light in the shed... Maybe even better so or I would move in it for good!


  1. I really enjoyed the beautiful yellow flower pictures!

    You are getting a lot done in your new shed. It's looks great!! I wouldn't mind living in there :)

  2. Super izgleda! Jako mi se sviđa taj hotel za kukce, već sam to vidjela negdje i planiram napraviti, definitivno. Mislim da ću uzeti osušene stabljike od suncokreta, one su šuplje iznutra.
    Ja ne bih mogla nikad objaviti slikice svoje kućice iznutra, jer je toliko stvari nabacano da stvarno izgleda neuredno. Tvoja kućica je preslatka!

  3. Predivno! Odusevila sam se. Sve je tako sredjeno i mogla bih se useliti u tu kucicu;) Pčelica me je baš obradovala;))

  4. vrtlarice i nale, šteta što stiže zima... inače bih se tamo preselila. Još nisu gotove police za cvjetne lončiće i neke druge stvari, ali nastavak slijedi...

    Robin, this is my "witch house"!I still have some shelves to make and transfer some tools from the other storing place to the shed. The story continues...


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