Monday, 1 November 2010

DIY - Christmas Flower Pots

Call me crazy, but Christmas is not far away especially if you make the decorations yourself. These things take time so, better do it before Christmas rush.
I always collect all kinds of materials in the nature and use them for my projects. I have piles of tree bark (especially the one of the Plantain tree), seeds fruits of all kinds, interesting twigs and branches, pine cones, shells etc. I also pile up things like cardboard, wrapping paper, paper serviettes, ribbons, nice pieces of clothes, beads... Like any "metier" I have proper tools so, a silicon-gun, scissors, wire cutters and a box cutter are a must in my tool box.

Tools of the trade.

My drawers are stuffed with all kinds of things (Ali Baba Cave, as I call it)

I want to show you how you can make simple and decorative flower pots with Christmas touch. I am sure there are lots of you who do the same things and know already what fun it is.

I made these last year.

 To make these you will need:
- plastic flower pot
- lots of pencil thick (or a bit thicker) branches
- some twigs (I used these of Beech)
- dry lemon slices, some ribbon or raffia and a few wild rose hips
- gold spray colour
- a silicon gun

Cut the branches one to two centimeter longer than a flower pot. The quantity depend on the size of the pot. Use the silicon gun to stick  the branches all around the flower pot. It can be done with other kinds of glue but then you have to wait long for the glue to dry.
Make a wreath of twigs to fit the top of the pot. Spray it with gold colour, let it dry and attach to the top of the pot. Decorate the pot with dry lemon slices, raffia or ribbons as you like it.

The second one pot is made of Plantain tree bark. As it sheds the bark I keep collecting the pieces. If the bark is too dry, spray it with water before work. It will be more workable and won't snip.

To make the pot above I used:
- plastic flower pot
- plantain tree bark
- silicon gun or some strong glue
- some dry fruits to decorate
The bark can be simply glued on the pot or you can use silicon again. Decorate as you wish with dried flowers and fruits.
I used it last year for a small Christmas flower arrangement.

And, this one is made today...


  1. I love crafty people. I am not so crafty, but love to see what others make. These special treasures are sooo much better than store bought. Your flower pots would make lovely gifts. The use of garden finds make them so unique. Thanks for the instructions early. I may give it a try,a least when I can find the dried materials with out snow on top of them. LOL.

  2. Thanks. It is actually very easy to make, only needs some time. The one I made last year were gifts for my friend... I have to finally make some for myself. You know the story about the shoemaker with no shoes? I am just like that, last on my list.

  3. Hi Kalipso - I love your creative christmas pots- thanks for the info and inspiration to follow your ideas



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