Sunday, 28 November 2010

Simple Christmas Flower Arrangement

I love nicely decorated  house during Christmas holidays and always make my own decorations. So, this is what I made this weekend...
If you too want to make the similar decorations, this is what you will need:
  • Plastic containers e.g. flower pots.
  • Moss, tree bark, thin hazel branches.
  • Diverse seed pods, fruits, flowers, dried lemon slices, pine cones, cinnamon sticks etc.
  • Golden thread, decorative tapes, raffia, hemp fibre, gold spray.
  • "Angels hair" in gold or red, small artificial apples.
  • Tools: scissors, silicon gun (hot glue), stapler, garden secateurs.
  • Small wraths made out of thin branches, semi-dried morning glory stems (I used them). The stems of Fallopia are also very good. I collect the stems in Autumn when the plant wilts. The nests as I call them, should be made immediately while the stems are still slightly moist.
  • Candles. I use the scented ones. 
Firstly, I coat each plastic container with one of the natural materials I got: moss, hazel twigs or tree bark. I have made one of tree bark and another one of hazel twigs. The bark and twigs are fixed with hot glue (silicon) to the container. Be careful not to burn fingers because the glue is really very hot! It also melts thin plastic so, take an extra care.
Place the candle in the middle. The candle doesn't have to be longer than the pot. Fix some small box or yogurt plastic container (up side down) on the bottom of the pot to level it up with the top of the pot, then glue the candle to it. Fill in the pot around it with wrinkled paper. This will hold it in place.
Make a wreath and glue it to the top of the pot. Spray with gold. Now you use your imagination to place the apples, nuts, pine cones, bows, lemon slices etc around the candle.

Twig pot, cinnamon, dried lemon, pine cones, apples, wire star, alder male inflorescence (look like small pine cones), Chinese lanterns...

Bark pot, artificial apples, ones, chilly peppers, red angel's hair, box twigs...

Terracotta plate, hemp fibres, pine cones, diverse dried fruits (follicles), small red spheres...

These two candles are attached on pieces of wood.

It doesn't has to be always a wreath...

Some of these are half-done; I will put some fresh green twigs on them (box, mistletoe, pine, holly) when the time comes...


  1. You are a busy bee and those are pretty candle decorations for Christmas. :)

  2. Beautiful works and cute blog!!!
    I lake it!

    Big kisses and regards, Zondra Art

  3. I am glad to see Christmas projects. I was hoping garden bloggers would post their Christmas crafts. They are pretty candle creations from which we can all take inspiration.

  4. Super je! Baš kreativno! Ja sam prije par godina pokušala napraviti neke slične aranžmane, ali nemam baš smisla za te stvari, pa nije baš uspjelo.
    Ovo odlično izgleda.

  5. You are very creative. I always like homemade ornaments I especially like the one with the terra-cotta plate. Your home will be beautiful for Christmas.


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