Thursday, 11 November 2010

Stepping the Stones

Mrs Anita Černeha lives in her old stone house in the village of Flum on the mountain Ćićarija on Istrian peninsula. I met her some years ago when I was working in the Decora nursery.
She created one of the most natural looking gardens I ever seen. It perfectly merges into the county side around it. The large area surrounding her house was rather neglected, and one part of the ground was even used as dumping place for the whole village. She cleared it all out and built step by step an enormous rock garden. The soil there is red - terra rossa. Spare amounts of soil are mixed with numerous lime stones so, building the rock garden came natural.


The soil is precious. People use to make the stone walls around their plots to prevent the soil from being washed away by rain and wind. There is a vegetable garden within these walls.

Every crack between the stones is planted with cushion like plants. These are Holm oaks all around. It is an evergreen species of oak tree (Quercus ilex L.) that make the woods in Istria.

Grasses, sedums, aubrieta, and other low growing plants by the road where once the villagers used as dumping place.

Another side of the garden.


  1. Thank you for sharing this amazing garden with us! The gardener has created a masterpiece in her environment. I love stone houses and stone work in the garden, so her naturalistic style appeals to me. This also shows what creativity and hard work can accomplish even in the most challenging places!

  2. You have it said wonderfully what I meant by posting this title.

  3. It is beautiful - I love the stone walls.

  4. That garden looks worth opening to visitors. Is it a bit off the beaten track?
    BTW I love that your avatar waves hullo! Hi!

  5. This a very beautiful place. The stonework is amazing, coming right from the land it was on and, considering how it was accomplished.

  6. Elephant's Eye, I thank Camilla Eriksson for my avatar. I simply adore her animations, e-cards etc.
    See here


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