Sunday, 7 November 2010

Sveta ljubav (Holly Love) - song

For all of you dear people who are being visiting my blog and leaving kind words in my comment box, here, there is a song for you.
The video is taken in the village Lubenice on island of Cres, Croatia.

Maja Blagdan is a popular singer in Croatia. This song was on the 4th place on the "Eurovision song contest" in Oslo in 1996.

The words in Croatian language

Sveta ljubav

Ja ti priznajem sve
sve je glupo sad bez tebe
i dok zlatna kiša pada na grad
tko zna gdje si ti sad

Moja ljubav si ti
ovo je vrijeme bez milosti
ti si divlja rijeka na putu mom
a ja te volim i s njom

Refren 2x
Sunce moru putuje, a moje srce luduje
daj mi snage, sveta ljubavi

Ja živim za nas
zemlja nosi moj glas
u dubinu duše jer tu je moj dom
a ja te volim i s njom

Refren 2x


  1. What a lovely voice Maja has. Thanks for posting the video. Not understanding one word did not even matter.

    The scenery in Croatia is beautiful. It must be a gorgeous place to see.

  2. Thanks so much. I also didn't understand a word and it didn't matter. jim

  3. Never mind you did not understand the words; you know the phrase "lost in translation"... that's why I did not do it, and the music is universal language.

  4. Thank you for sharing this beautiful song and video. The scenery is gorgeous!

  5. Sometimes it's best not to understand the words but just to feel it. And yes, the scenery is beautiful! Thanks for posting!

  6. I couldn't get the video link to work! Do I need to download some software?

  7. TS, sorry to hear that. Maybe it was temporarely, try again. It works for others.


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