Friday, 26 November 2010

The Winter is Coming for Sure

The winter finally showed it's teeth. The temperature drops below zero over night, the icy blanket of frost in the morning covers the garden and the wind turns the direction blowing from the north. The weather forecats for tomorrow - snow! It is already snowing in the mountain regions.
I did not cut all the flower stems. I left Echinacea seed heads for birds. Verbena and Sedum are still standing proud in their last moments. I took these pictures on a frosty morning two days ago.

Echinacea, Verbena, Pennisetum and Sedum covered with frost.

Geum cocineum leaf.

It is time to prepare bird feeders and food for our feathered friends. Feeders should be placed away form cats. I usually hang them on the terrace where they are at hand for regular cleaning and feeding.
Strange things happened yesterday. I found one Blue Tit behind the radiator in the bed room! Unfortunately, dead. The bird probably got in during the day when the window was opened. I haven't heard it or see it when I closed the window, but I noticed tiny drops on my bed linen and window! I found it during the window cleaning. I was so sorry fort the poor thing.

My brand new bird feeder.

What food I mix for my birds? Common species visiting the feeder are sparrows, robins and the three species of tits -mountain,blue and great tit. I use to leave them dried bread pieces, raisins, peanuts and sunflower seeds.
Jay and crows still find the walnuts I haven't collected.
Sparrows come in great number chasing away tits and robins. They also occupy the birdbath. But, not for a long time - yesterday morning the water was frozen!


  1. How sad to have a dead bird in your bedroom. Sometimes, they fly into our windows and die from the impact. This winter I'm going to put out an electric bird bath with a warmer to keep the water from freezing. We put out suet for our birds in the winter. The fat mixed into the seed gives them extra energy on cold days. I like your new feeder! It's really cute.

  2. They fly into my windows too, but small birds survive. Once the jay broke its neck bumping into the window!

  3. It's always so sad to find a dead bird. But I think you're making amends by leaving the seedheads on your plants. It's always a nicer 'look' than a bare garden in winter.

  4. Hi Vesna the winter has come to us here in southern england of my first jobs is to break the ice on the glad you are caring for the birds in your garden..loved the photo of the geum...

  5. Love the frost on the leaves! Today my garden is under a blanket of snow.

  6. Beautiful garden and photos!


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