Wednesday, 22 December 2010

Christmas Cookies

Have you already made your Christmas cookies, biscuits, cakes? I always bake lots of them because I give them as present to those who have less or are too old to make them themselves. If I did not lost my count, I made 15 varieties of cookies and plan to make four gift-plates with assorted biscuits.
Yesterday evening I baked the last of them - ginger biscuits and honey cookies.

ginger biscuits

Honey cookies are really easy to make, but it took me three hours to decorate them; don't ask when I went to sleep last night! Here, there is the recipe:

Honey Cookies

300 g plain flour
350 g honey
100 g sugar
100 g butter
1 whole egg
cinnamon, cloves, nutmeg (all ground)

Sift the flour in a wide bowl, add spices. Place butter, honey and sugar in a bowl and heat it until it starts boiling. Pour hot honey mixture over the flour and mix. Add a bitten egg and mix until smooth. The dough is very soft but don't you worry about it. It has to stay aside over night, or at least three hours if you are inpatient.
Roll the dough, use moulds to make cookies and bake on 200°C until brown.

honey cookies ready to be decorated

To make icing, beat slightly one egg white, add so many sifted powder-sugar to make rather consistent and yet not too tick mixture. I add also lemon juice to the mixture. Mix it well.

Use edible colours to colour the icing. You also need pearls, colourful sugar sprinkles, ready-made icing tubes, etc. and your imagination to decorate the cookies.

I had some lemon curd leftovers from macaroons I have already made, and used it to stick the two ginger cookies together. Pink and white icing is used to decorate them.

ginger cookies decorated with chocolate

I keep my cookies in large metal boxes - clockwise: macaroons (my way), rafaello (coco) balls, ginger and honey cookies...

honey angels

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