Sunday, 19 December 2010

New Bird Feeder

I made a new bird feeder today out of small tree branches.

the feeder construction

To make the bird feeder like this, you will need: four flexibile, about 60 cm long branches, four 25 cm long sticks, one 35 long stick, some wire, one plate, and a wrath made of hay or e.g. ivy (which I used).
Firstly, make the bottom by tying up the four sticks together so they make a square. Attach the branches by placing each of them on one side of the square. Secure with wire, then bend them towards the top and tie the ends up. Place a plate on the bottom and surround it with a "nest" to hold it on place.

As soon as I place it on the terrace, the birds came!


  1. You are really crafty! That feeder is really cute. If you sold those at craft shows here in VA (USA) people would buy them in a minute. What lucky birds to enjoy such talent!

  2. That is brilliant! I love that it is hand-made of all natural materials. You are very talented.

  3. Ooh, I love this feeder idea. I will probably have to make one of my own -- thanks for the how-to!

  4. I really love your feeder. It was a great idea and looks so natural in the garden. I bet the birds like it too.

  5. Ovo mi je odlična ideja. mislila sam da je malo prekomplicirano kada je Kornelija objašnjavala, ali tebi je ispalo odlično!

  6. Your feeder is a wonderful idea and looks nice in the tree for the birds.

  7. Vrtlarice, ideja nije ni moja ni Kornelijina, a vrlo je jednostavno za napraviti. Danas sam morala napraviti još jednu za prijateljicu, a treba mi otprilike jedan sat. Na sličan način radim i košarice za berbu, ali nemam ni jednu, sve sam podijelila.

    To all thanks for the comments. I saw it on TV and made one feeder immediately.


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