Thursday, 9 December 2010

Snow at Last

I say "snow at last" because I had enough of pretty high air temperature for this period of year. The vegetation should be dormant by now. Many shrubs and some trees have fruits and new blooms at the same time, like Horse Chestnut and my Chaenomeles. The temperatures were day by day around 14 °C or even higher.
But today around noon, all at once the strong wind came and the rain started to fall. The temperature dropped to 1°C in two hours, and rain turned to snow...

Walnut tree

Garden under the snow...

... and later on.

It will be quite a shock for plants but what can we do? Besides, the snow is rather wet and therefore heavy. I hope the branches won't break under the snow. Tomorrow will be clear again though not so warm anymore. I did not make a real snowmen outside but I made this little figure of salt dough...


  1. The garden looks wonderful got a new coat of snow.
    A snowman is really cute:)
    Regards and kisses, Zondra Art.

  2. Slažem se, konačno malo snijega. Sad tek imam osjećaj da je Božić brzo.


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