Thursday, 2 December 2010

Time for Hobbies

Obviously, the garden job is done. At least for this year. It is 6°C outside and it's been raining for three days now. Were is this "coldest winter of all" as they announced on TV? Believe it or not, I found one small Anemone nemorosa flowering in the park! Though, Poland freezes on - 33°C! But, it is a long way up to the North.
Long evenings are ideal time to devote oneself to hobbies and house activities. I do it. Somehow I just cannot sit pretty. For me, the winter time is time to finally arrange photo albums and make new one, to do some embroidery, to make different things (now is the perfect time for Christmas projects), say goodbye to wardrobe clutter or draw new garden plans. Soon, I will start to bake Christmas cookies and decorate the house. But now, I still have time to make a few decorations for my friends.
Yesterday evening I decorated the terracotta boots (I have two of them). They were out in the garden in summer planted with Sedums and Sempervivums. But, they lost their warm terracotta colour - the elements took their toll. So, I have decided to paint them cream (acrylic paint) and decorate using decoupage technique. It turned out very well.

Holly and mistletoe for the occation...

This evening I arranged the hornbeam twigs, pine cones and dried fruits on the top of the boot. I used Chinese lanterns, Alder inflorescence and dried lemon slices. The twigs are sprayed gold.

I also used one white candle, small angel figure, some raffia fibres, a bell and Butcher's broom twigs (Ruscus aculeatus L.). This plant is from my garden. It is protected species in Croatia as well as the species with broader leaves (Ruscus hypoglossum L.).
And here, there is the final result.

The flower pot I made a few weeks ago (now holding Poinsettia) and this boot as well are presents for my friends. I hope they would be happy.

Poinsettia has still yellowish bracts but they will turn white - I hope!


  1. Cute and nice work, i lake it!
    Have a nice weekend.

  2. Your holiday decorations came out lovely -- I even like the chartreuse color on the poinsettia!

  3. How lucky are your friends to have such gifts. The white boots are incredibly pretty - clever you!


  4. Well,this is the living proof how we can make lovely gifts for less money.

  5. Very creative..I love your newly painted boots!


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