Sunday, 2 January 2011


A new bunch of snowdrops appeared under the snow...

Cocooning? No, I don't mean caterpillars, I mean me, or us! I am sure you are doing the same in these long, dark evenings and nights - read, watch TV or make garden plans like me, all wrapped in the warm blanket...
I've just heard a long term weather forecast. The January will be still cold but, as they called it on TV, "pre-spring" will already be here in February! I am so eager to start the next gardening season.
I think I can handle one more month of cocooning. Last ten days were freezing cold. There is not much snow around and I don't like it. Snow cover protect the plants from coldness but, as I could see trough the window, they are doing well. The lawn is full of mole mounds and all the evergreen shrubs look somewhat frozen. They will recover, as they always do.

Sort out the seeds...
January is perfect for planing the following garden season. I have already sorted out the vegetable and flower seeds from the last season, made the sowing shedule, and decided what will be sown inside and what directly in open site. Now I know what I got and which seed I still need to buy.
I have a brand new notebook which will serve as this year garden diary. I have been writing down the tasks I plan to realise this season. For example, make new compost bins or paint the bench. So far, there are thirteen tasks on the list but, I am sure I think of some more.
The three books are constantly somewhere at reach of my hands, all of them being about organic gardening. They were a very good investment in my gardening library. I am keep coming back to them all the time.

These are: Encyclopedia of Organic Gardening  by group of authors, all members of HDRA - the organic organisation; Bio-garden by Marie-Luise Kreuter and, Vegetable Growing Month by Month by John Harrison.

All  the books are down to earth, full of useful tips and advices because the authors are practical gardeners and know from their own experience what are talking about.
John Harrison is a popular vegetable grower in Britain and has his own web site Allotment Vegetable Growing - worth visiting it! If you'd like to read the articles such as "what to do in the garden now" click here and scroll down, there are links for each month of the year.

Marie Luise Kreuter was a very popular gardening author in Germany. This particular book is being edited for years and always sold out.This is actually 24th edition of the book.

I also checked out the pot plants overwintering in the cellar. I haven't so much space around the house where they would receive more light but, to my surprise, they are keeping rather well. I cut down Oleanders last winter pretty severely to get more bushy plants. By now, they developed new branches and the leaves look nicely green and healthy. I give the plants a good portion of water every two weeks. As soon as it became warm outside, they go out. Once they are out, all I have to do in early Spring is frost protection.


  1. Sve najbolje tebi i tvojima u Novoj!
    Evo i ja kad god stignem, sjednem, pokrijem se dekicom i crtam planove vrta za sljedeću goodinu. Moram priznati da i ovo doba godine ima svoje vrtlarske draži i veselja!

    PS Poslala sam ti mail na onu adresu, nadam se da si ga dobila.

  2. I love seeing photos of people's seed boxes! Building compost bins is a task on my todo list for spring, too. I hope you enjoy the latest issue of How to Find Great Plants! I included your entry in the featured posts. :)


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