Monday, 31 January 2011

Spring Heralds

I love the fact that I live in the northern temperate zone of the world where the seasons follow one another in perpetual change. How could I ever live without first snowdrops in Spring, abundance of life in Summer, burst of colours in Autumn and peaceful white in Winter? I am a person who loves changes. That's why I often rearrange the furniture and change the colours of the rooms in my house and in the garden as well.
The winter is not over yet but the first heralds of Springs already arrived. The first snowdrops in my garden started to flower at the end of December. Hellebore appeared a week ago. 
Tough the winter in continental climate should be cold, years back we experience milder weather than it is supposed to be. Is it global warming? That's hard to tell. Certainly, the climate changes; winters are milder, summers very hot and dry. The weather often goes to the extremes - strong wind (often swirling like a tornado) comes more often. Summer is either very dry or it is raining for a month. The temperature in July may drop down to 5°C. Or, it may rise up to 19°C in January, as it was just a few weeks ago. Now is cold again with frost and fog in the morning. I am sure it confuses the plants just as it confuses us.


Forsythia buds are ready to burst into flowers as soon as the weather become warm. I brought a few branches into house and the flowers opened. Winter jasmine (Jasminum nudiflorum) is already flowering for two weeks. Narcissus leaves appear from the ground. In a few weeks, crocuses, tulips, grape hyacinths and other bulbs will sprout and say: 'the Spring is coming soon'.

Jasminum nudiflorum under the snow...


  1. I always look to see where my blog friends live when they write about bits of spring beginning to show. Here in Colorado, no sign yet. Your photos are lovely.

  2. Thanks for sharing such beautiful photos of the blooms there. They are sure signs of spring!

  3. Such a lovely post, Kalipso. My favorite of the day. We have no signs of Spring here, but I'm finding the beauty in Winter.

  4. It does seem that the weather has become more extreme the past few years around the globe. Your snow drops are lovely. My hellebore blooms just started coming up this week. I am ready to see some more color in my garden.

  5. Such hope for spring, and all my favorite flowers. Which hellebore is that? It looks like H. multifidus with the much-divided leaves.

  6. Carolyn, this is Helleborus dumentorum. It also grows wild in Croatia, in woodlands. The young leaves remind on the one of H. multifidus.

    Carolyn, thanks. I too love winter but I am eager to work in the garden again and happy to see Spring comming.

  7. I'm all about 4 seasons... especially since our white one is extremely brief. I'm also glad that the school next to my house planted forsythia along the edges of our properties... perfect. :)

  8. Lovely and poetic. I especially like the photo of the jasminum in ice!

    Happy week ahead,

    Sharon Lovejoy Writes from Sunflower Huse and a Little Green Island

  9. Nema mi ništa ljepše od prvih ljupkih proljetnica koje stidljivo proviruju...ove tvoje predivne visibabe i sve ostale biljčice definitivno osvajaju...lijep pozdrav od Nelyce iz Osijeka

  10. Nelyce,drago mi je da te vidim i tu! Pozdrav i tebi!


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