Wednesday, 19 January 2011

The Vegetable Garden Plan

A part of vegetable garden in 2007... creative chaos

After a few weeks of calculating what, where and when, I finally came up with a rough(!) vegetable garden plan. I say rough, 'cause I am always ready for changes....

I have eight vegetable beds divided by old brick paths. I made the paths for two reasons: to keep the weeds under control and to be able to walk around in rainy weather. It is not big vegetable garden but it suits my needs. I grow vegetables for immediate consummation and not for winter stock and pickles. I mix cultures and rotate crops. Some vegetables will be sown/planted as early crop, the other follow after I harvest the first one. For years the gardening season stretches out well into Autumn because the weather is warm enough to sow and plant the second crop.

My vegetable list:

1. Pea 'American Wonder' an heirloom variety, early crop. Peas germinate at 5 - 8 °C and can be sown in March. The crop will be ready to harvest by the end of June when the temperatures rises. Sweet peas likes cooler weather. I have already prepared the branches which will be used as climbing support.
2. Brussels Sprout will follow the peas on the same bed. Cabbages and co. are hungry crops and they need fertile soil. Peas is sown as green manure prior to planting Brussels Sprout. I will also use the dead pea stems as mulch for Brussels' Sprouts.
3. Carrot in rows alternate with onion.
4. Spring Onion in rows alternate with carrot. (I buy small bulbs) I plant it consequently every week to prolong cropping period.
5. Lettuce (early and late varieties) sown between the carrots and onion, and on the edges of the beds.
7. Radicchio will be sown in June as late and winter crop.
8. Parsley; sow in June.
9. Red pepper needs sunny spot and a very fertile soil. I will plant Nasturtiums underneath to keep the soil moist. I sow the seeds  indoors. Young plants go on site in June.
10. Swiss Chard; sow April and August.
11. Tomatoes  are always planted on the same place because they fertilize themselves very well. The seeds will be sown indoors in March. Seedlings go out in May/June.
Vrtlarica (click to see her wonderful gardening blog) and I have exchanged some vegetable seeds. She sent me the following tomato varieties: 'Roma', 'Amish Paste', 'Black Krim', 'Super Marmande' and 'Brandywine Pink'. I will probably buy some more varieties e.g. cherry tomatoes on the market in May.
Tomatoes will be surrounded with celery and Zinnia.
12. Celery. I will plant self blanching variety 'Galaxy' and green 'Victoria'.
13. Celeriac;  I will buy the plants on the market.
14. Zucchini (courgettes); tree  plants are enough. I will plant them near the climbing bean. Can be sown indoors and then transplanted in the garden for earlier crop.
15. Beetroot, tree rows.
16.Climbing beans.  Sowing starts in May because they love warmth. I have 'Dolcio del Metro' variety, with 45 cm long pods ( also known as asparagus bean). I will buy some other varieties with yellow pods. They need support.
17. Dwarf french bean 'Berggold'; this variety has stringless yellow 'pencil' pods.
18. Kohlrabi will be planted all over the garden to fill the gaps.
19. Kale comes as the second crop. Will be sown in May for winter harvest. I have two varieties, 'Dwarf Green Curled' and 'Black Tuscany'. 'Black Tuscany' looks so good that I will probably put a few in the flower borders as well!
20. Potatoes. Since I have no place for them in the garden, I will grow them in the bags. I plan three to four growing bags which need only 2 square meters of place.

Well, that's about it! I also have some perennial vegetables in the garden like rhubarb and asparagus. There are six red currant shrubs at the end of it and, of course, a range of herbs: thyme, rosemary, lovage, oregano, sage, mint, lemon balm... Nasturtiums, Zinnia and Tagetes (marigold) are also mixed with vegetables for protection from nematodes in the ground, flying insects and slugs...

A part of vegetable garden in Spring, 2009.


  1. Very very good garden plan. I also do a lot of inter cropping with my vegetables. It's very beneficial to the plants and you get a lot more in a small space. Have you ever planted your crops in a triangle as opposed to a straight row? You end up with twice the amount in the same space.

  2. No Robin, I did not ever planted the crops in triangle... I have to check it out how to do that.

  3. Super mi je ovaj post od prije, "before and after" - to sam propustila pročitati.
    Jako mi se sviđa kako si ogradila gredice i imaš staze po vrtu. Tako nešto ću i ja probati napraviti, samo sa standardnim uzdignutim gredicama. Obzirom da mi je vrt na ravnom ilovastom tlu dosta vode se zadržava nakon kiše, pa moram imati uzdignute gredice. Ali mi je plan imati trajne gredice i ne frezati više zemlju.

  4. Vrtlarice, treba par godina dok se tlo ne "popravi";i kod mene je tlo ilovasto i vlažno pa je trebalo dodavati komposta i nešto pijeska. Sada je dovoljno jačim vilama razrahliti tlo, a imam i specijalni ručni alat koji sam nabavila u Austriji (planiram nešto napisati kad budem obrađivala tlo). Uvijek ide kompost i obavezan mulch kad se tlo ugrije. Vidim da imam dosta mišjakinje koja prekriva gredice, a to je znak dobrog, rahlog i plodnog tla.

  5. Your garden plan looks great! and is so great that you are growing so many things. Please let us know how it goes.
    And best of lucks!

  6. What a great plan. My daughter plants celery and is very successful. Perhaps I should try it. I'll be interested to watch your garden grow. cheers. ann

  7. Love the look of the garden layout!! Very pretty on paper. Wish there were more pictures of the finished product. Happy veggie gardening! Hoping for a bounty of goodness for you :-)

  8. Thank you all for encouraging comments. I will post the progress of my vegetable garden. I must say, Vrtlarica ( made me do it more passionately. Though I always have had a vegetable garden, I was more orientated to my ornamental flower garden.

  9. So beautiful! I want to do something like this with my vegetable garden, I love how colorful it looks! I never thought of planting Nasturtiums below the peppers. Thanks for including your vegetable list, I'm going to borrow a few of your ideas!

  10. I think your garden looks beautiful! If I had the space for a real veggie garden I would want it to look just like yours.

  11. Your planting list sounds fantastic! I love everything you're growing and it's great to see oddballs like asparagus beans along with heirloom seeds on your list. :)

  12. I really admire all the advance planning you do with a drawing and very detailed seed list. You must have great results.

  13. Your garden will be beautiful and tasty! I noticed you have parsley on your diagram. If you plant curly parsley you'll be providing a host for many types of butterfly caterpillars. I always grow the curly type for the caerpillars and the Itlaian flat leaf for me. The parsley seeds need to be soaked before you plant them. But if you sow them before it rains, nature will tkae care of that for you!

  14. I'm tired just reading the plan. but koodozz on the writing it down ...Today i am going to take the time to plan mine with a bit more direction...i garden a little willie nillie....found your blog at the carnival and became a follower hope to learn more...come by my blog and look at a your site...


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