Tuesday, 8 February 2011


Thanks God, Rudbeckia seedlings finally produced new pair of leaves. After having germinated in only a week time, they seemed to stand still. My greatest concern was that the seedlings would be etiolated, that is to become long and thin due to lack of day light. The days are still short though noticeable longer every day. But, it did not happen.

Rudbeckia seedlings with a first pair of true leaves.

It will take awhile still before I will transplant the seedlings into individual pots.
Amsonia started to germinate too. Yuppie! Freezing seems to wake the seeds up. So far only 1/5 of the 30 seedlings has germinated but I can see some more seeds splitting. I did not cover the seeds because it needs light to germinate. Well, I will be happy to get six or seven plants to grow my stock of Amsonia. Once they are established, I will produce more plants by division.

I know, I know, they look so poor and fragile...

The greatest surprise was waiting for me in the cellar! I go there every now and then to check over-wintering plants, to give them some water or remove dry leaves and - voila! - there it was, Lilium candidum already grown up to 50 cm!

I got one bulb from a friend of mine in December when it was too cold to plant it outside. So, I simply planted it into a pot to preserve it until Spring. It is the kind of lily that does not require to be planted deep and obviously, it feels quite happy in the shallow pot. Now I brought the pot up into the parlour to ensure more light and warmth for the lily. I was astonished to discover great amount of aphids on it's leaves. After a few water showers it seems they are all gone. Still checking it regularly out but, as it seems, I came right in time to save the lily.


  1. Volim rudbeckiu i imam ih nekoliko, vrlo su lijepe i zahvalne biljke!
    Topli pozdrav s mora Kalipso.

  2. Ne poznajem ovu biljku, nazalost ali divno izgleda. Pozdrav

  3. Prekrasne i omiljene mi rudbeckije,i sama ih uzgajam i zaista su pravi ukras vrta...lijep ti pozdrav!

  4. Rudbeckia are one of my favourite flowers. I'm growing some from seed again this year after realising that none had grown in the garden last summer.


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