Saturday, 19 February 2011

Sowing Tomatoes

I have been very busy today sowing tomatoes and transplanting Caesalpinia seedlings.
Tomatoes may be sown now in February or in March. It takes some time to grow well developed plants ready to be transplanted outside when the frosts pass and temperature rises over 20°C.
Usually, first seedlings appear after two weeks, but it might be sooner because I placed the trays on warm radiator.

I prepared trays with toilet paper rolls that will serve as pots. I also used plastic yoghurt and cheese containers to cut out labels. I filled up the rolls with compost, placed two seeds in each, covered with some compost, and watered well. Each tray is covered with plastic to keep the moist growing conditions.
Sowing seeds into paper rolls is very handy because the seedlings don't have to be pulled out when transplanting.                          
I will simply transplant them together with the paper pot and avoid disturbing the sensitive roots. The paper pots will eventually decompose in the ground.

Caesalpinia seedlings are growing rather well. They already have developed the first true leaves and I transplanted them into individual pots. I have eleven plants all together.


  1. I ja sam prošle godine sadila sama svoje pomidore, cijelo ljeto smo uživali u njima.
    Želim ti da i tvoji budu lijepi i da puno rode.
    Odličan post!
    Lijep pozdrav sunčane Rijeke.

  2. Very interesting, toilet paper rolls.

  3. I love your reuse idea, it is practical and environmentally conscious too.

  4. I like the toilet paper rolls idea. This is a fun time of the year!

  5. Paper pots are good too but they are also more easily to break than toilet paper rolls. I do recycle as much as I can. I myself was amazed last week when I realised I had only one medium sized bag of garbage to throw away (seven days period). I separate my garbage - plastic, paper, tin cans... Most of the garbage is organic kitchen waist that goes to compost heap.

  6. I made the mistake of re-using seed trays from last year. Now the soil has those familiar slug trails...

  7. Odlična ideja. Prošle godine imala sam na terasi paradajz, ali kupljen iz rasada. Stvarno razmišljam ozbiljno da ga ove godine sama sadim:) To bi mi bilo veliko zadovoljstvo. Ova ideja me još više vuče ka tome. Pozzzz

  8. b-a-g, you can reuse seed trays from the last year but not the soil! And, you have to wash seed trays thoroughly to avoid diseases.

  9. Nale, ja sam dobila sjeme i ponešto kupila... nadam se da će uspješno niknuti. Mislim da ću još neke sorte kupiti na placu, ali zadovoljstvo je veće kad sve uzgojim iz sjemena...

  10. I sama uzgajam sve iz sjemena,prošle godine se pokazala vrlo dobra ova ideja presadnje u kartonske rolne,ove godine paradajiz je tek sa dva listića tako da ima još vremena do presadnje...veliki pozdrav!


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