Saturday, 5 March 2011

Garden Inspection

I made a round in my garden in the morning wrapped in a woolly scarf. It was a sort of garden inspection; to see what's new and what's to be done soon when days became warmer an the sun finally appears. I think it has been ten day since we had it last. I am really eager to see the sun again. 
Snowdrops appeared on the various sites now, under the bushes, in the beds and some even on the lawn! I saw tulip, daffodil and other bulb sprouting too. There are also primroses in bloom as well as heathers.There are still snowy spots in the garden but I hope it will be gone soon. The soil in my garden is pretty wet. I really need a few warm sunny days to dry it out a bit to be able to work it. 

So, I noted these tasks for early Spring:

* Clear the dead stems, leaves and other debris from the borders.
* Weed. As soon as I did it, it will be easier later on. 
* Spread fertilizer and fork it into soil.
* Prepare the plant supports so they can be positioned as soon as the perennials start to grow.
* Prune Wisteria and shrubs that are damaged by frost e.g. Hydrangeas.
* Prune roses and fertilize them.
* Rake the lawn, spread fertilizer and mow for the first time this season when the grass reaches 10 cm.
* Plant perennials grown last year from seed; mulch the beds when the soil warms up. Divide some overgrown perennials.
* Sow vegetable and flower seeds.
* Work the soil in the vegetable garden, fertilize and mulch.

It is always lots of work at the beginning of the new season, especially if you have a big garden. But, I cannot wait to start.

Crocus sativus L. in the town park.


  1. Kod nas nema snijega, danas je prekrasan i sunčan dan. Voćke u vrtu su već počele pupati što znači da se proljeće polako bliži. Prekrasni su mi tvoji novi prijatelji u vrtu, jedva čekam da se i moji pokažu:)

    Ugodan vikend i lijep pozdrav.

  2. The plant in the last photo are commonly called cowslips here, which is a weird name! Mine are still putting out their leaves. The flowers won't come til next month. Lucky for you that they are already blooming!

  3. Kod mene u vrtu još podosta snijega i leda,jedva čekam da okopni,i da se ovako kao kod tebe ukažu napokon proljetnice u svoj svojoj ljepoti...predivno je...veliki ti pozdrav!


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