Monday, 21 March 2011

Happy Spring Day!

In several Slavic languages ( e.g. Russian, Polish or Czech) my name - Vesna - means Spring. Vesna was old Slavic goddess of Spring too. 
My mum has birthday today and she invited family and some friends to join her for dinner. They brought her some present but they brought this box of primroses for me! How nice of them...

The Spring day dawned with rain and only 2°C! Luckily, I haven't brought the sensitive plants out yet. And my tomato seedlings are still inside the house. I transplanted them into a larger pots. I am sure they yearn for some sun light now because it seems to me they're now growing very slowly. As from Wednesday the weather should change. I hope. Last week I used a few warm days to do some weeding and sowing - peas and onion in the vegetable garden. But that's all. The soil is wet and unworkable again. 

tomato seedlings

Every Spring I slightly panic because there is a lot of jobs to be done in the garden. The most important thing is weeding because weeds grow fast now and I have to eradicate them before they take over. And, when all of it is done, I feel like an enormous stone fell off my heart and I enjoy working in the gardens the easy way - every day. 


  1. Thank you spring goddess - waving hello back ;~)

  2. Beautiful primroses!
    I totally agree with you about the weeds and weeding. Welcome spring, but not the weeds!

  3. Prelijepi jaglaci i maleni pomidorići!
    Sretan ti prvi-drugi dan proljeća želim:)

  4. The primroses are very pretty and now you have a good collection! I dislike weeding but it is one of those never ending chores that can be very overwhelming if not kept under control. Happy spring!

  5. Tvoje ime se u potpunosti slaže sa predivnim proljećem...cvijeće ti je prekrasno a i ove male biljčice,koje će ti začas biti za sadnju..veliki pozz:)

  6. Happy Spring! How delightful that your name refers to this wonderful season. But you are right about the chores! Weeding is so important. It is like washing clothes - always more to do!


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