Saturday, 12 March 2011

Sedum and Sempervivum

Sedums (stonescrops) and sempervivums (liveforever, houseleeks, hen and chicks) are plants from the family Crassulaceae. They live happily on rocks and stones, on roof tiles and sand and have no big demands for water and nutrients.
They are low growing, easy to spread perennials that may be combined to make such creations on the pictures below...

All creations - DECORA nursery...


  1. Obožavam sedume i čuvarkuće kako se kažu,jako zahvalne,izdržljive biljke,koje cijelu godinu zaista krase mjesta na kojima su...

  2. What pretty arrangements! I like how one can combine sedums to create fantasy landscapes; they inspire creativity!

  3. Hello Vesna, a delightful combination. I believe that sempervivum is grown on slate roofs to deter lightening strikes..

  4. Kakvi preksrasni aranžmani! Ljubitelj sam čuvarkuća i imam kolekciju od oko 2.000 različitih bijki.
    Great ideas, those with sedum and sempervivum pots! I'm in love with sempervivums, I have a collection of some 2.000 different plants.


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