Friday, 22 April 2011

Dyeing Easter Eggs

My favourite way to dye Easter eggs is to cook them into water with plenty of onion peels. Most of you have probably tried to dye the eggs this way, but for those who did not, here's "how-to". You will need: old nylon stockings, some twine, scissors, eggs, onion peels, and small leaves and flowers. Wet the egg and the leaves to stick it to the egg shell. Then, wrap it around a piece of stockings, twist and tie well with a twine. Put the eggs into a cold water add onion peels and cook for 10 minutes. Cut the twine and remove the stocking and the leaf.

Onion peels give brown colour, and I also used red, green and purple dye to have a variety of coloured eggs.

For a shine, take some lard or oil into hands and smear on each egg.


  1. Prekrasna su jaja,i sama sam na taj prirodan način puno puta bojala i uvijek su divna...sretan Uskrs tebi i tvojoj obitelji i sve najljepše:)

  2. Those are gorgeous eggs! I especially like the ones with the fern prints! Happy Easter!

  3. Jaja su prelepa:) Srećan Uskrs i svako dobro:)


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