Saturday, 16 April 2011

Flower Seeds

I finally have sown all the flower seed. I am engaged in census these days I really have less time do do my gardening work. But, as I am almost done with my area, I got a day off to clear my mind off of all these names and numbers. 
I love Aquilegias and sow every year some new varieties of them. This year's choice are: 'Sweet rainbows', 'Sunshine' and low growing Aquilegia pulmilla. I also have sown Helenium 'Autumn Lollipop', ornamental cabbage mix, Phlomis tuberosa and Calendula 'Greenhouse Orange'.

compost box made out of wire mesh

The rest of the afternoon I spent sifting compost, turning the compost piles and making the compost box of wire mesh. As the rain was announced for the night, I left the pile uncovered to get some moisture. I really have lots of composting materials and need to make some more compost boxes. 
It is also time to make sting nettle fertilizer. I also use young nettles for food and prepare it just the same way as spinach. Nettles are rich in iron just like spinach, but iron in spinach is in a form that our body metabolism finds hard to absorb. So, I prefer sting nettles to spinach! Here, there is the recipe:

Sting Nettle Sauce

500 g young sting nettle leaves (stems are too hard)
some flour
olive oil
4 dl milk
sour cream
salt, pepper

Wash the nettles leaves and pit it into boiling water to cook. When smooth, drain and chop on the wooden board into small pieces. Put some olive oil into a pot, add two to three spoons of flour and fry it for a couple of minutes mixing constantly. Be careful not to burn the flour! Then add chopped garlic,  pour slowly the milk, add nettles, salt and pepper. Cook for a while until thick. To finish, mix in two spoons of sour cream. Serve with cooked potatoes and fried egg (sunny side up). Bon appetite!

I still cannot forget the tomato seedlings fiasco. Mea culpa! I should probably put the pots on some more safe place and away from cats!


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