Friday, 29 April 2011

Garden News

A view to the shed.

The garden changes from day to day. Everything is growing fast now and comes to bloom. As ever, May and June will be the most beautiful months. The past few days have been windy and rather cold. The rain announced for today did not fall. I have planted tomatoes and celery in my vegetables garden and mulched almost all beds with cut grass. There was plenty of it piled up near my house because they mowed the grass on the town greens. Of course I brought it all up to my yard.
The peas grows nicely and the second crop of young onion soon will be ready for picking up.

vegetable garden

The kale seedling appeared in great number and in a few weeks I will transplant them into garden. The flower seeds germinated also very well. Though planting the seedling into individual pots is a rather demanding task, I am looking forward to it. To me, having the plants grown up from seed is a true gardening. Growing my own plants, especially the hard ones to breed, gives me a good sense of achievement and pride when I succeed.

The tree peony flowers are really gorgeous. This is the second one bush I have. There are less flowers on this bush but, that is probably the reason they are much larger than the flowers on the other bush. The blooms are full of beetles and bees sucking the nectar.
Now the main jobs in the garden are all done and all I have to do is regular maintenance. As usual, when I think I finished weeding I can start from the very beginning again. Only, there are much less weeds on the beds this time and the work goes on quickly.


  1. Everything looks wonderful! I am planting my carrots tomorrow. My peonies haven't bloomed yet but they will in the next two weeks. Your peonies are really pretty. :o)

  2. Your garden has come a long way. I especially love the peony tree.


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