Friday, 8 April 2011

Sowing Vegetables

I am rather content with the peas; it germinated very well. This sort of peas is dwarf and has sturdy stems. It doesn't really need a support, but I put some twigs and branches anyway. Now is the ground warm and needs to be covered with mulch. Before mulching, the ground should be well watered.

I managed to work out all the soil in the vegetable garden and sowed broad beans, lettuce, and parsley. To my great sorrow I have to tell you that my neighbour's cats ruined my tomato seedlings that stood on the table in the yard. They tuned the pots over and the seedlings dried beyond recovery point! Now I have to buy seedlings on the market. I am really sorry to loose the good varieties of tomato I got from Ana, especially the "black" one. 
I did not planted potatoes yet. I have not enough place for them in my vegetable garden and I have a plan to plant them in the bag this year. I left the tubers in the egg crate to sprout before planting into ground. If the weather allows, I will plant them this weekend.


  1. Your peas are coming up nicely. So sorry to hear about the tomato upsetting.

    I did not have good luck last year planting potatoes in bags. The voles ate right through the bags and ate the potatoes. I hope that you have better luck.

  2. I kod tebe je u vrtu divno sve krenulo,što se tiče mačaka i nama rade stalno štete,i to me jako ljuti...krumpir kod nas čeka na sadnju..veliki pozz i budi mi vrijedna:)


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