Monday, 18 April 2011

The Insect Hotel

To my joy, my insect hotel got the first inhabitants. I did not noticed it until today. A few tubes are sealed, and busy bees are buzzing around!


  1. Odlično ti funkcionira hotel za bubice,mi imamo tri komada i isto je zanimljivo u njima:)

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  3. What a cool bee house! What type of bees live there?

  4. These are probably solitary living bees who build individual nests in the ground or holes like these in my insect hotel for the egg laying and do not collect pollen to produce honey. They usually seal the holes with earth.

  5. These little houses are so cute! I have so many bees in the summer, they might like a place to stop for the night! :o)

  6. I'd like to know what hollow stems you used? I have loads of giant hogweed nearby and wonder if that would be OK once the stakls are dry?

    1. I use the stems of plants from Apiaceae family, wild carrot, angelica...


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