Saturday, 28 May 2011

Elder Flower Syrup

Now is the time to go for a walk and collect some elder flowers. Every year I make this healthy elder syrup. Elder is well know medicinal and health plant which can be used to treat numerous diseases.
Some people make a jam of ripe berries or even the vine. Elder is a strong diuretic and helps better digestion. It seems like an ideal drink for hot summer days. And here, there is the recipe:

44 elder flowers
150 g citric acid
5 kg sugar
5 l water
1 kg lemon - squeeze a juice

Put 3 l water in a large dish and add flowers.(Do not wash the flowers.) Leave it for 24 h. Discard the flowers and strain the liquid through a thick woven kitchen clothes. Add sugar, another 2 l of water, citric acid and lemon juice. Mix until the sugar dissolves. Fill the bottles and cork them. We usually drink it all during the summer and I do not put any preserving chemicals into the syrup.


  1. Najfiniji i najzdraviji sok,i najbolje osvježenje u predstojećim vrućim danima:)

  2. Obožavam ga!
    Ugodan vikend:)

  3. thank you and perfect timing. Needed a recipe for my Elder flowers

  4. It is really perfect for hot summer days. Enjoy it!


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