Sunday, 15 May 2011

The First Garden Fair in My Town

These two welcome all the visitors on the entrance.

I live in a small town where events like this are rare. Maybe it was the reason why the very first flower fair in my town had so many visitors. As a first prize winners for the best looking gardens, my friend and I were asked to present our gardens. 

our stand...

We made the panels with the photographs of our gardens and showed our shabby chic furniture and other things we do. The only bad thing was the rainy weather and rather strong wind. It limited the space for exhibition and we had to gather all the things under the small plastic pavilion.

You could buy lots of plants: seasonal flowers, perennials, shrubs, trees...

cactuses and succulents.

Even the sweets were shaped like flowers... (made by Maja)

Decoupage technique on flower theme.

The necklace made of olive wood.

Our guest of honour was Kornelija Benyovsky Šoštarić,  popular gardening TV presenter. Nobody went home in spite of rain shower waiting for her to come and she too patiently presented her book "The Green Square" (see my previous post here) and answered all the gardening questions we asked. She also signed her book to all who bought it before or today.

Kornelija signing her book for me...


  1. Prekrasno, ja bih tamo uživala, hvala ti na pekrasnoj reportaži.

  2. Hvala, unatoč kiši proveli smo super dan. Jedva smo dočekali nešto takvo i mislim da će postati tradicija...

  3. Prekrasno,baš si dobro prenjela ova divna dešavanja , stvarno sam uživala...veliki pozdrav!!!

  4. What fun. You can never pass up a flower event. Hope you found good stuff.

  5. fantastic photos these are all so fabulous. olive wood necklace is looking so pretty .
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  6. What a nice event! I'm sure you enjoyed it, in spite of rain. :)


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