Saturday, 7 May 2011

Frost in May

Frost in May in the regions with continental climate is not unusual. Two rather cold mornings and frost were enough to make this damage on Hosta 'Sum and Substance', Hosta plantaginea and Polygonum polymorphum. It was - 2°C! Luckily, only three most exposed Hostas suffered this damage. Actually, they got burnt by sun that came after the frost. Now I have to remove the damaged foliage. I know, they will sprout again but, what a pity!


  1. Ah, jadni mali, bas mi ih je zao!

  2. Dvornik će se možda oporaviti, danas se malo dignuo, ali Hoste neće...

  3. I have never had frost in May, but a few weeks ago we had a hail storm that left jagged holes punched in my hosta leaves. it looked like some critter with big teeth had chomped on them!


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