Tuesday, 3 May 2011

Laburnum anagyroides - Golden Chain

My Laburnum is grown up from seed some years ago and reached the hight of 8 m. Obviously, I have chosen the right place for it. Last year the blooms did not appeared at all but this year it made all up and looks wonderful.
Thinking about it, I realised Laburnum is another poisonous plant in my garden! All the parts of the plant are poisonous and, if eaten in excess, may be lethal.
The plant belongs to Fabaceae, the pea family. The pods bear several seeds.
The most beautiful Golden Chain tree is Laburnum x watereri, a hybrid between L. anagyroides and L. alpinum.
It requires slightly acid to neutral soil and average moisture. Yesterday I found one Laburnum seedling in the rock garden! I moved it into a pot until it reaches the proper size to be planted on site. It fits very well into my mixed shrub border.

It can be propagated from seed, especially wild species, but hybrids be better propagated by softwood cuttings. The seeds have hard testa (seed coat) and should be scarified before sowing. The best time to plant it in the garden is late Autumn. The best time to take Laburnum cuttings is December to February.
Use glows when handling the plant and wash all the tools used very carefully!

The tree needs no pruning except dead and dry parts. I haven't noticed any pests or diseases on it. The tree may be planted as solitary plant but it look stunning in rows on pergolas.

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  1. Prekrasan je i tako dekorativan ukras za vrt!

  2. How many years did you have to wait before it started to flower? I have a one year old sapling. I can't wait for it to be big enough to flower!

  3. BBI, I really don't remember how soon after sowing my Laburnum started to bloom. I have a few seedlings now from the last year seeds and it would be a good idea to watch how old it will be to start producing the first flowers.


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